What Do Some Members of Congress Mean When They Say Healing the Nation?

Moriel Mcduffy
4 min readJan 14, 2021

By Dr. Moriel McDuffy

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As I watch Congress debate impeachment, a theme has emerged. Many Republican Congressional leaders are saying impeachment will further divide the nation. Some say it is an interesting debate. However, it’s an easy decision to impeach. You can tell who people are during a crisis. America is in the middle of multiple crises, and many republican congressional representatives have arguments against impeachment. I debunked a few of their arguments below.

There is no comparison with Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Some congressional representatives noted that Democrats did not denounce the violence during the BLM protest. They also compared BLM protest to the Trump Insurrection. However, this is untrue. Many Democratic congressional representatives denounced the violence. However, the Black Lives Matter protest has peaceful protesters but attracts opportunists who want to loot local businesses for personal gain. BLM has never tried to take over a government building. Conversely, social media evidence of white supremacist groups show plans to overthrow the legal government to help Trump maintain his power.

BLM showed no such evidence or behavior indicative of a government takeover. Conversely, Trump supporters who descended on the Michigan State House with guns and the capital raid show different motives. Trump supporters have a baseless cause. Although Trump says the election was stolen, he filed several lawsuits that were quickly dismissed because there is no evidence. In case you did not know, Democrats and Republicans have legal observers at every voting site in the United States. Their purpose is to ensure a fair election. If there were evidence, the republicans would have evidence.

Trump’s behavior cannot be compared to past modern error presidents (except Nixon)

Some republicans asserted that Trump fired his base up and has no responsibility for where they went when they left his rally on the raid day. However, Trump urged his supporters to go to the white house and fight like hell. Other speakers at the rally also excited the crowd with comments like “Trial by Combat.” The insurrectionist leaders were White supremacy groups to who Trump has spoken to in the…



Moriel Mcduffy

Dr. Moriel McDuffy has has a Ph.D. in Psychology. He has over 25 years of experience working with communities, and educating at multiple Universities.